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Resin and concrete floors: HD Surface, a creative and sustainable experience

HDsurface is a leading company in the production of resin and concrete floors for interiors and exteriors of prestige

Thanks to a strategy based on research, technology and quality of raw materials, over the years the company has developed a series of products with exclusive performance. Attention to eco-compatibility is of primary importance: all materials are completely water-based, in full respect of the environment.


Starting from the study of materials and the new possibilities of creating innovative coatings with a low environmental impact, HDsurface has grown over the years by offering cutting-edge applications to the market. HDsurface materials, a union of latest generation cements and resins, stand out for their durability, elasticity, versatility, aesthetics and design. The success of its products is attested by the wide interest of historic Italian design companies and industry excellence. The success of these materials was also consolidated following the wide interest of historic international and Italian design companies such as Antonio Lupi.

In the HDsurface laboratory, different types of products and material combinations have been created and patented, including Perfect Combination, Geo Texture and Wabi Cement. In addition, a highly specialized team has been formed in the composition of mixtures and applications.

Perfect Combination

Cement and resin blend together and give life to a product with an attractive and seductive texture: the solid personality of natural trowelled concrete is perfectly combined with the resistance, impermeability and elasticity symbolized by the resin. More specifically, Perfect Combination is composed of a mixture of cements, a fusion of calibrated minerals and an epoxy resin.

Free of solvents, dilutable with water, this material resists abrasion and wear; makes your resin floor a valid alternative to wood and tiles. The combination of minerals, cement and mineral oxides make up a palette of over forty colors available in the samples.

There are many positive aspects related to the choice of a resin floor for interiors and exteriors. In the past, the resin was extracted from trees and used as a waterproofing agent: its resistance to water makes it a perfect material for covering the surfaces of outdoor environments. Floor resin is also often used in indoor environments with underfloor heating: one of its characteristics is its thermal conductivity. Rough, smooth, satin, opaque, these are all the different finishes that the resin can take, there is also a marble effect resin. The laying of this material is very easy and quick: the application layer is very thin, so it is chosen during the renovation phases of the rooms, thus avoiding the demolition of the existing flooring.

We recommend using resin because it is a resistant and long-lasting material, as well as a real decorative element.

Geo Texture

Ready to use and easy to use are the keywords that define the first monolithic coating created to cover floors, walls, utensils , objects but also bathrooms. “Easy mortar” is used by professionals in the sector because it is quick, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Here are the phases and timing of application of Geo Texture®:

  1. Sand and dust the surface
  2. Apply Recrete HD primer
  3. Mix the Geo Texture® mix with the color and mix with the mechanical stirrer until a homogeneous product is obtained
  4. Apply the first layer with the metal steel trowel, taking due care of the application
  5. Wait 4/5 hours. When the product is dry, sand it manually or mechanically with 80/100 abrasive. Dust thoroughly
  6. Apply the second layer with a steel metal trowel, taking due care in the application
  7. Wait 8/10 hours and proceed with the final sanding and dust removal
  8. For the final phase, apply a coat of GEOskin Mono with a brush or short-haired roller
  9. Wait 5/6 hours and proceed with the first coat of GEOskin Finish (Matt or Satin) prepared in the ratio: part A (100 A) + part B (20 B). Apply with a brush or short-haired roller
  10. Wait 5/6 hours and proceed with the second application of GEOskin Finish.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Wabi cement

Cemento WABI® is a colored cementitious coating mainly used for the construction of floors, wall coverings and furniture, with a maximum thickness of 2 -3 mm. This premixed powder is made of a mixture of components such as cement with additive with cellulose of vegetable origin, very fine marble granules, natural colouring earths and oxides. This cement is used on walls, floors, but also on furniture. It is chosen by professionals because it is water-repellent, washable and above all lasts over time. The secret? The clear resin that is applied as a protective surface treatment. WABI® cement is a new and original material that is in perfect balance between industrial technique and artisan tradition. It adapts perfectly to any style of furniture, giving a touch of personalization to the ambientt.

We recommend the use of cement for internal and external floors.

The latest news of HDsurface: ALCHIMIE®

Reprocessed and recycled materials, metals and volcanic rocks, are the 4 components that give life to ALCHIMIE®. Born from the union between research and innovative spirit, this new sextant is available in two specific product lines: stones and metals.


Already widely used in Roman times, the lava stones originate from ancient building techniques such as, for example, that of pozzolan sand. Today they are no longer used as a building material but are used for decorative purposes. Lava stones in different grain sizes and colors create new Interior Design solutions for furnishing interiors with a vintage flavor.


The goal is to obtain a product capable of faithfully reproducing the effect of sheet metal. Such as? Metals are transformed and returned to a semi-solid state, in the form of micronized powder. Thanks to the use of a specific binding gel, the product can be applied very easily, precisely by spreading. This article is highly regarded for its variety of uses.

Many architects choose HDsurface coatings to create showrooms, offices, resorts, hotels and private residences.

Request information at info@arredojolly.it, we will be happy to advise you and help you realize your projects.

Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity with which we realize your ideas!